The Life and Shenanigans of Deaf Puppies and Dogs

You can view my flipbook or pictures that you can scroll through that show the life of two born-deaf Old English Sheepdogs. Oh, that’s my little sister, Kennie. She arrived from the UK in August of last year. She’s deaf too and also a grand champion trick dog! Our two most favorite things to do are going downtown for a walk and trick training because it’s simply interactive play with tiny treats.

If you would like your human to learn to play-train with you, check out Do More With Your Dog for a super fun way to play with your humans! You’ll find their Tricktionary here. Your family can join a free Facebook trick training group and learn at their own pace. Remind them to use lots of TINY super good treats in order to lure you and make it fun for everyone. Remember it’s all about the journey of building a great relationship.